Small Facts You Want to Know about Tea


時間:2019-06-19 10:01:14

Sitting in a tea house with classic music surrounding you, eyes rolling down the lines of your favorite book, and the smell of tea filling up your nose and mind……Ah… It may be the most relaxing moment for a tea addictors.

坐在茶館里 聽著經典音樂




Grabbing a cup of coffee in the early morning may be one of your daily routines. But have you tried to take a sip or know about tea? From the history of tea to the benefits of drinking tea, here’re all you can find about one of the most popular “beverage” in the world!




The origin of Tea



According to legend, in 2732 B.C. Emperor Shen Nong discovered tea accidentally when several leaves blew into his pot with boiling water. The pleasant scent immediately attracted Shen Nong and he took a few sips of the water. Legend says the Emperor Shen Nong described a warm feeling as he drank the intriguing brew as if the liquid was soothing every part of his body.


Chinese Character “茶”(Cha)



Shen Nong named the brew “cha”. The written character is “茶” , which is used to illustrate wooden branches, grass and a man between the two. Both the written character and its pronunciation “cha” symbolize the way tea brought humankind into balance with nature for the Chinese culture.


Tea is lauded for its health benefits and calming properties. Previous research has already linked tea’s healthy antioxidant properties to cutting the risk of some cancers as well as heart disease. What’s more, it can also fresh your mind and enhance the communication and relationship among people.


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