New Visa & Residence Permit Issued


時間:2019-06-04 15:04:20

In order to further improve the issuance and inspection efficiency of foreigners' visas and residence permits, and increase the security features of certificates, the National Immigration Administration decided to issue the new version of three kinds of certificates, including foreigners' visas, group visas, and foreigner residence permits.


The exit and entry administration departments of national public security departments begin to issue the new version starting from June 1st, 2019. At the same time, the issuance of the current version of visa, special economic zone tourist visa, group visa and foreigner residence permit will be stopped. The tourist visa service of special economic zones is issued with the new version of visa.

The new version of the three types of visa will use a number of physical anti-counterfeiting technology. The new visa and residence permit for foreigners can be printed with color photos of the holders.

Application conditions, approval procedures, and inspection requirements for all types of supplementary documentation remain UNCHANGED. Previously issued visas and residence permits can continue to be used as normal up until the end of their validity period. Upon renewal or reapplication, the new visa/permit passport sticker shall be issued.




編輯: 張雯妮